Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lucky Peak, 9/24/06

Migration was in full swing this weekend at Lucky Peak. Yesterday 176 songbirds were caught with the majority being Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Oregon Juncos, and White-crowned Sparrows. One Golden-crowned Sparrow was also banded.

Today, 133 new birds were banded:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet= 35
Golden-crowned Kinglet= 5
Orange-crowned Warbler= 3
Hammond's Flycatcher= 4
Wilson Warbler= 1
Oregon Junco= 11
Audubon's Warbler= 1
Pine Siskin= 1
Red-breasted Nuthatch= 1
Chipping Sparrow= 4
Cassin's Vireo= 1
White-crowned Sparrow= 56
Hermit Thrush= 2
Western Tanager= 1
Spotted Towhee= 6
American Robin= 2

In total, since July 15th, 4904 birds have been banded.

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