Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Songbird wrap-up at Lucky Peak

I just received an email from Caroline with the final season total for Lucky Peak: 7448! Way to go, songbird crew!!

Also, I think there is some interest out there about the dorky bird game the Lucky Peak crew played. So without's the final results (straight from Caroline's mouth):

The winner of "The Bird is Right" (you know, the game where we guess how many birds we're going to catch for the day) is John "the bot" Warzybok with 1157 points. Matt "Crazy" Gracey came in second with 1115 points. Caroline made a desperate bid in the end but still only got 969, and Corey had a strong showing (considering he wasn't around as often as our winner) with 817. Miguel totally lost with 551 points, 400 of which were donated to him by Patrick anyhow. The prize for our winner is...nothing...we gave the Boise Co-op gift certificates away to Miguel mid-season.

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The Odell Family said...

We left a comment on Jay's recent post. Wanted to make sure he saw it. Thanks for the blog! It's fun. By the way, we made reference to a recent pic of Jay and realized later it was a picture we saw on Ayla's blog.

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