Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lucky Peak update 8-19-07 - BT Gray Warbler

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The 2007 autumn season at Lucky Peak has continued to be busier than usual for this time of year. The best example of this is that we have already banded almost 250 Yellow Warblers - a species that we have never captured more than 190 of in any prior season!

The most exciting bird of the season (for me anyway) was an immature male Black-throated Gray Warbler that we banded today. Believe it or not (b/c this species occurs in the Owyhee Mountains just 60-100 miles away), this is the first capture or sighting in 11 seasons at Lucky Peak!!

Below is a shot of the BT Gray Warbler alone and then next to a Mountain Chickadee that we caught in the same net run (different net); these 2 pics by Carlos Valeris.

In other news, we banded our 3rd Northern Pygmy-owl of the season yesterday (8-18) and also our first Steller's Jay (no pics handy).

Below are a few more pictorial highlights with captions:

Dusky (left - adult) and Gray (right - immature) Flycatchers; 7-30-07

Hammond's (left - immature) and Willow (right - adult) Flycatchers; 8-9-07. This Willow was a foreign recovery (we didn't band it)! We don't yet know who did & where ...

Smoky sunrise; 8-3-07.

A rattlesnake that was curled up in the mess tent - a foot from my hand while I was washing dishes!! Fortunately it warned me with a couple partial rattles and was very calm.

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