Friday, September 26, 2008

HUGE raptor flight at Lucky Peak today!

Kyle left me a message saying that the hawkwatchers counted 895 raptors and vultures heading S past Lucky Peak today!! If my memory serves correctly, this is a 1-day record for the site and this makes close to 2000 counted in the last 4 days! Highlights from today included ~650 Turkey Vultures and 5 Broad-winged Hawks (including a dark-morph adult).

With a long stretch of nice weather forecasted, it will be interesting to see if these great flights continue!


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Ryan O'Donnell said...

I saw this post and thought it might be a good forecast for what would happen the next day at the Wellsville Hawkwatch near Logan, Utah. I hiked up with a couple friends the next day (Sep 27th) and we were not disappointed. The Wellsville Hawkwatch had more than double their best raptor count of the year that day, with over 300 birds. For some reason, Turkey Vultures are very rare at this site, and none were seen on this day, but they saw SEVEN Broad-winged Hawks. This is more than they see in a typical year, and brings the total for this year to 17.

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